Membership, Dinner Fees, Methods of Payment & the No Show Policy

For information regarding joining the Whiff, please contact our Membership Secretary:
Jim Cairncross    Email

Annual Membership Fee – 
September to June Campaign

The annual membership fee covers the cost of ties for new members and the cost for our guest speakers’ dinners.

  • Full Members pay a yearly membership fee of $585.00, which covers all dinners and wine for the 8 meetings per campaign.
  • Associate Members pay an annual fee of $170.00. Associate members can attend as many dinners as they wish for $85/dinner and $135 for the June Bash.
  • Annual membership dues for current Whiffers must be paid before our September kickoff meeting.
  • New Members joining during a campaign will be assessed a one-time prorated annual membership charge.

Regular Session Guests /
Proposed Members

An individual can only be admitted as a guest twice in his lifetime. After having been a guest twice, the introducing Member must request the Junta to rule on the granting of Whiff membership to the proposed member.  If acceptable, he will be admitted to the next meeting upon a prorated payment of dues.

Dinner Dues (wine included)

Associate Members

Associate Members pay $85.00 in advance for each dinner attended.

Prospective Members and Guests

All Members pay $85.00 in advance per prospective member/guest for dinner.  Guest Fees are due in advance and must be paid by the inviting member.

Methods of Payment

  • Membership dues, dinner and guest fees should be made  by Interac e-Transfer. Please send your payments to
    A PDF “cheat sheet” on how to make Interac e-Transfers to the Whiff may be downloaded from here.
    [N.B., Due to the high cost, the Whiff is not set up as a Payee for Bill Payment using on-line banking services.]
  • NO cash please, but cheques will be accepted if e-Transfers are not possible.
  • Credit Card payment is not possible as the Whiff no longer has a Merchant account due to the associated high processing costs.

No Show Policy

  • As a matter of courtesy, Members are asked to notify the Whiff of any cancellation at latest by 4PM on the Thursday preceding an event. Please send your cancellation notification to
  • All later cancellations will be considered ‘No Shows’.
  • Unfortunately, the Whiff must recover from Members, Associates and Alumnus or Out-of-Town Members whatever the hosting venue charges us. Although Full Members have effectively prepaid, please remember that timely notice of a cancellation will save the Whiff unnecessary expense and keep annual dues lower in future.

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