Please contact our Membership Secretary:
Jim Cairncross

Annual Membership Fee –  September to June Campaign

The annual membership fee covers ties for new members, the detailed model cannon thank you gift we present to each speaker and the cost for our guest speakers’ dinners.

  • Full Members pay a yearly membership fee of $500.00, which covers all dinners and wine for the 8 meetings per campaign.
  • Associate Members pay annual fee of $150 which does not include any dinners.

Regular Session Guests / Proposed Members

An individual can only be admitted as a guest twice in his lifetime. After having been a guest twice, the introducing Member must request the Junta to rule on the granting of Whiff membership to the proposed member.  If acceptable, he will be admitted to the next meeting upon a prorated payment of dues.

Dinner Dues (wine included)

Associate Members

Associate Members pay $85 for each dinner attended.

Prospective Members and Guests

All Members pay $85 per prospective member/guest for dinner.

To encourage new, younger members, Members will be charged only $50 for the first dinner that a prospective member who is under 50 years of age attends.

Methods of Payment

  • Payment is immediate upon arrival and must be paid by the inviting member.
  • Payment maybe by cheque or on VISA card
  • NO cash please.

No Show Policy

Revised – March 1, 2017

The failure of a Member to notify the Whiff of a cancellation by 4PM on the Thursday before the event will be considered a “no-show”.

  • The no-show of an Associate, Out of Town or Alumnus Member or Guest of any Member will result in a charge to the account of the Member in the amount charged to the Whiff by the Facility for the dinner;

  • Although Full Members have prepaid each dinner, timely cancellations by Full Members is still important as it will save unnecessary expense to the Whiff and it is also a matter of courtesy to your fellow Whiff Members.

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