June Bash – May 5, 2023 – RSVPing order

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Yes: 82

No: 29

NameEmail AddressRSVP StatusNote
Lee Watchorn CLFW@rogers.com No
Jan Getson Yes
Gary Getson ggetson@rogers.com Yes
Paul Warrington marpaul@sympatico.ca No
Cheri Warren Yes
David Warren warrendavi@gmail.com Yes
Evelyn Moorhead Yes
Steven Moorhead Steve.moorhead@icloud.com Yes My wife Evelyn Moorhead will also attend
Bev Turney Yes
Christopher Turney christurney49@gmail.com Yes
John Hackett ehackettis@rogers.com Yes Elizabeth (LIZ) Hackett
David Cameron dic@nexicom.net No
George Hayhurst wilsonpalmer@hotmail.com No
Peter Douglas Thedouglases2@gmail.com No
Wendy Brown Yes
Ian Brown ian-brown@rogers.com Yes Wendy has a food allergy to nightshades, e.g., tomatoes, eggplant, vegetable peppers.
Elizabeth Hackett Yes
Bill McNaughton wjmcn1@gmail.com Yes
Betsy McNaughton Yes
Bob Morrison Robert851@sympatico.ca Yes
Heidi Leverty Yes
Tom Leverty tleverty@rogers.com Yes
Martha Tamblyn Yes
Gordon Tamblyn gordon@countryroadsvillas.com Yes
Dawn Jamieson Yes
Tom Jamieson tomjamiesonqc@gmail.com Yes
Toni Ashton toni.at.toronto@gmail.com Yes Guest of Bob Morrison
Bill Barnett wmebarnett@hotmail.com Yes
Karen Barnett Yes
Michael Butler michaelbutler4520@gmail.com No
Roger Clarkson r.clarkson@rogers.com Yes
Trish Simmie Yes
Peter Simmie petersimmie@yahoo.ca Yes
Bob Blair rblair1409@gmail.com No Unfortunately, I have an unavoidable conflicting commitment. See you next year.
Douglas McWhirter dougmcw@sympatico.ca No
Mike Innes mike.innes@sympatico.ca Yes
Michael Willson michael@willowprint.com No
Andrew Clark asclark@sympatico.ca Yes
John Wildman jwildman2020@gmail.com Yes
Tim Kennish tkennish@rogers.com No
Cornelia (Nelly) Jeffries Yes
Dale Jeffries dale@jeffries.cc Yes
Roxy Cairncross Yes
Jim Cairncross jimcairncross2001@rogers.com Yes Please note garlic intolerance for Roxy Cairncross
Lesley Sanderson ThomasSanderson3111@gmail.com Yes
John Fraser jfraser@mediacouncil.ca No
Lorna McKay Yes
Stuart McKay stuartmckay43@gmail.com Yes
Katherine Seybold Yes
Peter Seybold pseybold41@gmail.com Yes
Richard White RWhite@mackieresearch.com No
Francoise White Yes
Ted White ted.francoise@sympatico.ca Yes
Douglas Davis douglasacdavis@gmail.com Yes
Paul Potvin potvinpaul@gmail.com No I’m afraid Kathryn and I have a conflict.
Fran Woodrooffe Yes
Rob Woodrooffe robwoodrooffe@rogers.com Yes
Patricia Hope Yes
Willem (Wim) Kwant wokwant@gmail.com Yes
Ingrid Bahen Yes
Ken Bahen kcbahen@gmail.com Yes
Barbara Charles Yes
Michael Charles michael.charles@rogers.com Yes
Robert Adams robert.e.adams@rogers.com No
Chris Twigge-Molecey Christwigge14@gmail.com Yes
Anne Twigge-Molecey Yes
Liz Pelletier Yes
Dave Pelletier dave@davep.ca Yes
Norman Hardie norman.hardie@hardieassociates.com No
Janet Major Yes
Jean-Luc Major jean-luc.major@hotmail.com Yes
Henry Borden hmacb@sympatico.ca Yes
Charlotte Carter Yes
Brian Carter carterwbc@hotmail.com Yes
Bev Moir Yes
Ron Foreman ron.foreman@gmail.com Yes
Don Johnson don.johnson@bmo.com No
Cathie Hyland Yes
Robert Hyland roberthhyland@gmail.com Yes
Graeme Clark graeme@clarkone.com No
Clifford Lax clifflax@gmail.com No
Burt Retter bretter@eurovac.com No
Eugene Harrigan eharrigan@rogers.com No
Joan Hewitt Yes
William Hewitt wehew@sympatico.ca Yes
John Gardner johngardnertoronto@gmail.com No I am sorry I will miss the June dinner, but I will be in Spain at the time. I hope the weather at both ends is perfect. John Gardner
John Paterson, Sr. jpatersonsr@gmail.com Yes
Janet Paterson Yes
David Glue glue.dr@gmail.com No
Mike Mackey mwmackey@bell.net No
Nancy Baines Yes
Peter Baines petermbaines@gmail.com Yes
Gil Lamothe Gil.Lamothe@cwbwealth.com Yes
Catherine Lamothe Yes
Tom Fischer thomas.fischer@sympatico.ca No
Charles MacRae charles.macrae@gmail.com Yes
Beth MacRAE Yes
George Denier gwdenier@gmail.com Yes My wife Leslie will also attend and is gluten and lactose intolerant. Butter is ok but no other dairy.
Leslie Denier Yes
Brian Westlake briancwestlake@gmail.com Yes
Joyce Westlake Yes
Peter Goring peter@goring.com No
David Murray murray_david@rogers.com No
William Kinnear amobat@gmail.com Yes
Barbara Kinnear Yes
Robert Milnes robert.milnes@sympatico.ca No
Ken Powell kenpowell30@gmail.com Yes
Penny Rush Yes
David Ross djrblackburn@yahoo.ca No Thank you for the invitation, but I will not be attending. Further, I note that living in Ottawa makes my participation in weekday in-person events impractical. Although I have very much enjoyed the excellent suite of Whiff virtual speakers, and was pleased to have been asked to talk about the situation in Ethiopia's Tigray region, it's time to remove my name from the distribution list. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to participate, and I wish the Whiff every success in its endeavours. David Ross
Tom Sanderson ThomasSanderson3111@gmail.com Yes
Chris Portner cportner2@gmail.com No
Andrew Kirsch ashoomkirsch@yahoo.com No Response
Aubrey Baillie abaillie@newportprivatewealth.ca No Response
Warren Finlay wwhfin@gmail.com No Response
Trevor Jones tgjont@rogers.com No Response
Robin Barstow rbarstow@caldwellsecurities.com No Response
Germán Morales moralesgerman@hotmail.com No Response
Norair Yeretsian capitalmoves@gmail.com No Response
Mike Miller Mmillerz@outlook.com No Response
Jon Allen jon.allen@utoronto.ca No Response
Don Comish doncomish@rogers.com No Response
Garnet Watchorn gwatchorn@graywoodgroup.com No Response
Albert Steenburgh bert@stonefortress.ca No Response