Sept 26, 2023 Meeting – RSVPing order

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Yes: 54

No: 27

NameRSVP Status
Gary Getson Yes
Toni Morrison Yes
Tom Leverty Yes
Mike Innes Yes
Jim Matthews Yes
John McKernan Yes
Michael Willson No
Ian Brown Yes
Pieter Fontein Yes
Richard White No
Peter Douglas Yes
Roger Clarkson Yes
Peter Simmie Yes
Bill Fleury No
John Hackett No
Tom Fischer No
Norman Hardie Yes
Belinda Kirkwood Yes
Bill McNaughton Yes
Ken Bahen No
Gary Durno Yes
Bill Barnett No
Ken Powell Yes
Ted White Yes
Tim Kennish Yes
Douglas Davis Yes
Michael Charles Yes
Barbara Charles Yes
Gordon Tamblyn No
Bill Boughner No
Robert Adams No
Burt Retter Yes
Douglas McWhirter No
Jim Cairncross Yes
William Hewitt Yes
David Cameron No
Chris Portner No
David Murray No
Robert Hyland Yes
Gil Lamothe Yes
Michael Butler Yes
David Warren Yes
Michael Hasley No
Clifford Lax No
Ron Foreman No
John Paterson, Sr. Yes
Keith Sjogren Yes
George Denier Yes
Chris Twigge-Molecey No
Stuart McKay Yes
Lee Watchorn Yes
Eugene Harrigan No
Bart MacDougall No
Jon Allen No
Daniel Owen Yes
Ron Begg Yes
Judy Begg Yes
Paul Potvin No
Brian Westlake Yes
Joyce Westlake Yes
Robert Milnes Yes
Brian Carter Yes
Ian Farquharson Yes
Dave Pelletier No
Henry Borden Yes
Bob Blair No
Jean-Luc Major No
Tom Sanderson Yes
John Gardner Yes
Doug Mills No
Rob Woodrooffe Yes
Peter Baines Yes
Charles MacRae Yes
Bob Morrison Yes
Christopher Turney No Response
Anthony Miller No Response
Andrew Clark No Response
Albert Steenburgh No Response
Andrew Kirsch No Response
Aubrey Baillie No Response
Bev Collombin No Response
Dale Jeffries No Response
Dan Sullivan No Response
David G. Temple No Response
David Glue No Response
Don Comish No Response
Don Johnson No
Garnet Watchorn No Response
Gary German No Response
George Hayhurst No Response
Germán Morales No Response
Gord Kaiser No Response
Graeme Clark No Response
Hank Bulmash No Response
Jack Way No Response
Jock Fleming No Response
John Fraser No Response
John Wildman Yes
Lake Trevelyan No Response
Michael Morgan No Response
Michael Robinson No Response
Mike Mackey No Response
Mike Miller No Response
Iain Dobson Yes
Norair Yeretsian No Response
Paul Warrington No Response
Peter Goring No Response
Peter Sisam No Response
Robin Barstow No Response
Robin Labatt No Response
Rod de Courcy Ireland No Response
Rudi Vezer No Response
Sarwar Kashmeri No Response
Guy Dobson Yes
Steven Moorhead No Response
Tom Jamieson No Response
Trevor Jones No Response
Warren Finlay No Response
Willem (Wim) Kwant No Response
William Kinnear No Response
z-No Response z-RSVP Management No Response
Brian Gray Yes
Bill Broughton Yes
Terry Elwood Yes