Toronto Whiff of Grape Credit for the Unused Portion of your 2019-2020 fees

Dear Whiffers,

I refer to my recent letter regarding the cancellation of the March 31 and April 28 meetings and the June Bash as a result of the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 crisis.

I mentioned that the Whiff would be providing a credit to Full and Associate members to be applied to next year’s membership fees to compensate for the loss of the cancelled events.

I received various suggestions about virtual meetings and other ideas, which we will keep in mind if the current crisis continues into the next Campaign in September.

However, one very interesting suggestion emerged and that was for members to donate the amount of the intended credit to a charity, rather than receiving a credit in the future. In these times of real need, Whiffers may want in this manner to help those less fortunate in our community.

One of our Junta members is a member of The Rotary Club of Toronto and has advised that the Club and its Foundation are donating $200,000 to Toronto based charities whose work has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. The Foundation has pledged an additional $100,000 to match donations received by the Foundation by June 30, 2020 that are designated for the COVID-19 crisis. A donation of your Whiff credit would qualify for matching in this manner.

The Junta has calculated the amount of the credit to be made available to members as follows:

$215 for Full Members, who have prepaid for the 2019/20 Campaign

$85 for Associate Members, who have paid for an Associate Membership for the 2019/20 Campaign

If you would like to donate the amount of your credit to Rotary Club of Toronto Charitable Foundation, who will match your donation and donate the funds to a Toronto based charity that is significantly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL to our Treasurer Charles MacRae, subject marked “DONATION to Rotary Club of Toronto Charitable Foundation”, and include your full name and the address to which you would like your charitable receipt sent.

If, instead of a making a charitable donation, you prefer the credit against future fees, you need take no action. If we do not hear from you by May 15, we will credit your account.

If you have any questions please let me know. I hope you are all well in these challenging times.

John Paterson, Chair
The Whiff of Grape