How to respond to e-invitations

All meetings are managed using a WordPress-based invitation management system called “RSVPPro. To read about how to respond to an e-invitation, you may download and read this PDF document [under revision].

If you have trouble using the RSVP system please send an email to with your RSVP response and the names of any guests. If you have a change of plans please notify us.

Dinner Payments

If you are an Associate Member and/or you have invited some guests, please make an immediate Interac e-Transfer to for the dinner amount owing. Should you have to later cancel or amend your guest count, the treasurer will contact you regarding a credit kept on file or an e-Transfer of the funds back to you.  Please note that payment by cheque at the dinner is discouraged but permissible if e-Transfer is not possible.

A PDF “cheat sheet” on how to make Interac e-Transfers to the Whiff may be downloaded from here.

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