Speakers – Summary by Year

We are in the process of compiling as complete a Toronto Whiff past speaker list as we can. If you recall any speakers and the dates they spoke that are not listed below, please email Whiff Speakers Program.

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      • January 31, Bev Moir & Dr. A Louie: Why Living Cancer should be on your Radary


      • November 29, Ted Barris: Battle of the Atlantic: Gauntlet to Victory
      • October 25, Jean Paul Gladu: Reconciliation from an Economic and Business Point of View
      • September 27, Robert Baines,: NATO Goals & Canada’s Role
      • April 26, Dr. Amy Barron : What do archaeologists do when the world is at war?
      • March 29, Andrew Kirsch: Inside Canadian Intelligence
      • February 22, James Lockyer: Miscarriages of Justice in Canada
      • January 25, Dr. Kevin JamesScotland and the Union of 1707


      • November 30, Don LindsayThe Importance of Mining to Canada
      • October 26, David RossThe Tigray Conflict
      • September 28, Dr Kamran KhanThe BlueDot Story
      • May 18, Michael Thompson & Blake Goldring: Anti-Racism and Inclusion, Toronto’s Building Back Stronger Report
      • April 27, Sarwar KashmeriBetween The Grape & A Hard Place: America-Canada-China
      • March 30, Dr. Michael Verbora: Medical Use of Cannabis
      • February 23, Ian Dejardin: A Like Vision: What forces molded the Group of Seven?
      • January 26, Jon Allen: Values Vs Interests In Canadian Foreign Policy


      • November 24, John Anderson Fraser, What To Do About China
      • October 27, Dr. Andrew Loblaw: Improving Outcomes for Men with Prostate Cancer
      • September 29, Dr. Derek Newton: Innovation & Entrepreneurship at The University of Toronto
      • February 25, David SisamBuilding Health: Some Characteristics of a Healthy City
      • January 29, Tony Davis: Putting the Brakes on Global Warming


      • November 26, Terry Fallis: Albatross
      • October 29, Bern Grush: An Adult Conversation About Autonomous Vehicles: Conflicting Narratives About the Autonomous Vehicle Future
      • September 24, Beth Beattie: Why we need Leaders in our Community to Publically Disclose their Mental Illnesses
      • April 30, Dr. Michael Reid: The Search for Earth-Like Planets
      • March 26, Dr. Chris Twigge-Molecey: China, Alluring Panda or Pandora’s Box
      • February 26, Sue Lougheed Thompson: The Paradox of a Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis – A Personal Reflection
      • January 29, Geordie Hyland, The U.S. ‘Distance Learning’ Revolution


      • November 27, Michael Adams: President Environics and author of ‘Could It Happen Here?
      • October 30, Councillor Jaye Robinson,
      • September25, Eleanor McGrath: ‘Forgotten’, 2016, the Canadian ‘British Home Children‘.
      • April 24, Larry D. Rose: Ten Decisions: Canada’s Best, Worst and Most Far-Reaching Decisions of the Second World War
      • March 27, Tim Burrows: Electric Cars
      • February 27, Lorene Sauro: No Gut No Glory
      • January 30, Dr. Danielle Martin, Better Now: Six Big Ideas to Improve Health Care for All Canadians


      • November: Andrew Coyne
      • October: Roger Vandomme, Fintech
      • September: 50th Anniversary
      • April: Amanda Lang, “The Beauty of Discomfort: The importance of embracing the hard things about change.”
      • March: Elyse Allan, GE Canada, “The Future of Work”
      • February: Dr. Suzanne L. Stewart: “Indigenous Reconciliation in Canada”
      • January: Jon Kieran: “Hydro Bills, the Politics of Renewable Energy and the Relevance of Solar Power in the 21st Century”


      • November: Dr. Rick Huijbregts, “Digital Transformation, The Do’s and Don’ts”, Cisco Americas Managing Director, Digital Transformation and Industry Solutions, Cisco Canada Vice President, Innovation
      • October: John Campbell, “Revitalizing Toronto’s Waterfront”
      • September: Walter Wodchis, “Challenges and Ideas for Health Care in Ontario”
      • April: Ian Brown, Author and Writer, The Globe and Mail, “The Joys of Aging”
      • March: Philip Blackford , Vice-President, Executive Services, Right Management Manpower Group, “Emotional Intelligence”
      • February: Fiona Crean, First Ombudsman of Hydro One, First Ombudsman of Toronto
      • January: Rahul Bhardwaj, President & CEO – The Toronto Foundation, “Toronto’s Vital Signs-2016”


      • November: Terry Fallis, Author, Humourist, Tracing the Roots of a Feminist and a Novel
      • October: Donald S. Rickerd, Walking on a Tightrope: Canada and North Korea
      • September: Bob Rae: What’s happened to Politics
      • April: Captain Gary Hatton, RCN, Canada’s Naval Leap into the War on Terror
      • March: Julian Porter, 149 Paintings You Really Need to See in Europe (So You Can Ignore the Others)
      • February: Dr. Nelson Wiseman, Is Canada a failed democracy?
      • January: Paul Henderson, The “Pope” of Sailing


      • November: Naeem U. Hasan, The Arab World In Turmoil
      • October: James Raffan, Speaker, Author, Adventurer
      • September: Sandy Boucher, Foreign Corruption – Ignorance is No Longer Bliss
      • April: Janet Carding, The ROM at 100
      • March: John Tory, Who does Toronto need in the Mayor’s office next fall?
      • February: Nicholas D. Gunz, Moment of Maximum Danger: Submarines, Secret Intelligence, and the Most Dangerous Moment Ever
      • January: Dr. Joseph E. Martin, From Wall Street to Bay Street: The Canadian and American Financial Systems Compared and Contrasted


      • November: The Honourable Mr. Justice Ian Binnie, Is the Charter Ruining Canadian Society?
      • October: Claude R. Lamoureux, Canada’s Pension Challenge
      • September: Odon Wagner, A Passion for Art
      • April: Professor Hugh E. Scully, The Evolution of Safety in Autosport
      • March: Cancelled
      • February: Rocco Rossi, March to the Top
      • January: J. Robert S. Prichard, Metrolinx and the Transportation Challenges facing the GTHA


      • November: Stephen A. Otto, When History Comes Back to Bite Us, The need for interest and pride in public history
      • October: Jim Young, Angels Gate Winery Wine Tasting
      • September: Roger Martin, FIXING THE GAME: Bubbles, Crashes, and What Capitalism Can Learn from the NFL,
      • April: Dr. Ernie Seaquist, Shedding Light on a Dark (Energy) Universe
      • March: Rahul K. Bhardwaj, The World Needs Toronto to Succeed, Find out why, through a look at Toronto’s Vital Signs Report
      • February: Dr. Charles H. Tator, Spinal Cord Injury research, prevention and treatment
      • January: Dr. Walter Dorn, An End to War: Is World Order Evolving?


      • November: Joe Thornley, B.A., M.A. University of Waterloo, Social Media makes connections?
      • October: John Gardner, BA. (Tor), BA., MA. (Oxon), Toronto Whiffer, The Camino de Santiago … the Pilgrims Way
      • September: Bill Gairdner, MA., Ph.D. Stanford, The Trouble with Canada … Still
      • April: Alex Anthopoulos, BA, Always do more than you have to
      • March: Lenna Bradburn, BA, MPA, A Dialogue with Canada’s First Female Police Chief
      • February: Brian Williams, Lessons In Greatness From the Olympic Games
      • January: The Honourable Frank Iacobucci, C.C., Q.C., LL.D., The Role of the Supreme Court in regard to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms


      • November: John Anderson Fraser, C.M., M.A., LL.D., “Through a glass darkly: Why academics (and journalists) should never try to predict anything
      • October: Dr. Anthony Feinstein, “Journalists Under Fire: the Psychological Hazards of Covering War
      • September: Catherine Swift, Chairwoman, President & CEO, Canadian Federation of Independent Business, “The Importance of Strong Independent Businesses in Canada
      • April: James Lockyer, LLD, “Wrongful Convictions in Canada
      • March: Dr. Robert H. Hyland, Past Physician-in-Chief, St. Michael’s Hospital, Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto, “Life as the Physician-in-Chief
      • February: John Wright, SVP & MD, Ipsos Reid Canada, “We Know What You’re Thinking
      • January: Chris Rudge, Chairman, Canadian Olympic Committee, “An Insider’s view of the 2010 Winter Olympics


      • November: Colin Ellard, Associate Chair Psychology, Undergrad Studies, University of Waterloo, “The Connection between Human Beings and the Places They Inhabit
      • September: Marlene Smith, 2009 Dora Award winner, “The Backstage History, Behind Toronto Theatres’ Front Row Seats
      • June Bash: Edward Burtynsky, BAA Photographic Arts, Ryerson University, Order of Canada. “We’ve changed the World … Exploring the Residual Landscape
      • April: Dr. John R. Percy, BSc, MA, PhD U of T, “Galileo’s , : Celebrating 400 Years of the Astronomical Telescope
      • March: Terry Fallis, B.Eng. “The Best Laid Plans, The 2008 Stephen Leacock Medal Award for Humour
      • February: John Wright, SVP & MD, Ipsos Reid Canada, “We Know What You’re Thinking”
      • January: Sara Diamond, President, Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD), “The Beauty of Art: Handmade/Digital


      • November: Paul G. Torrie, BA, LLB, President, Global Resolutions Inc., “The Fall of the Civil Courts and the Rise of Mediation ADR – Alternate Dispute Resolution
      • October:Timothy W. Casgrain, BA, CA, Chairman of the Board, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, “Meeting the Challenges of the New CBC
      • September: John Crow, BA Oxon, Economist and former Governor of the Bank of Canada, “The Economic and Financial Outlook
      • June: Derek Hatfield, RCMP Fraud Officer and Rolex Sailor of the Year, June Bash
      • April: Dr. Ernest S. ‘Tiger’ Burch, PhD, Social Anthropologist and Historical Ethnographer. “Emergence of Northern Democracies
      • March: Dr. Chris Boulias, PhD, MD, FRCPC, Scientist, Researcher, Physician, “The Real Beauty of Botox
      • February: Dr. Roberta Lynn Bondar, OC, O.Ont, BSc, MSc, PhD, DSc, MD, FRCP©, FRSC, Chancellor, Trent University, “Space”
      • January: Tom Wright, B.PHE., MBA, 11th Commissioner of the Canadian Football League, “A Former Commissioner’s Reflections


      • November: Dr. Robert ‘Squee’ Gordon, President Emeritus, Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, “The Future of Higher Education in Ontario
      • October: Dr. John Mighton, Ph.D, Founder, JUMP Math, “A Man for All Seasons
      • September: Brian Gallery, Founder of Whiff of Grape, “40th Anniversary Reunion Dinner
      • April: Chris Mathers, Crime and Risk Consultant “A Cornucopia of Crime & Terrorism – Closer than you think!
      • March: Allan Seychuk, M.A. (Econ.), CFA, Economist, Philips Hager and North, “Chindia – Global Implications of Rapid Changes in China & India
      • February: Julian Fantino, C.O.M., O. Ont, Commissioner, Ontario Provincial Police “The Politics of Law and Order”
      • January: Allan Ezra Gotlieb, CC, LL.D., LL.B., MA, Canadian Ambassador to United States, 1981-1989, “The Washington diaries 1981-1989


    • November: Kitson Vincent, President, Smith, Vincent & Co. Ltd., Member of the underground royal commission, on “Does Your Vote Count?” “Canadian Armed Forces & National Defense Policy: Are We Ready for What the Future Holds?”
    • October: Fred Gorbet, O.C., C.M., Ph.D., CIT Chair in Financial Services & Director Financial Services Program, Schulich School of Business, York University, “Equalization and the Fiscal Imbalance
    • September: Kenneth Taylor, OC, B.A, MBA, LL.D, “Condelezza Rice’s Vision of a “New Middle East” Good or Bad?