June Bash 2024 – Attendees & Payments

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Check-In: 73

Check-InNameRSVP StatusAssociated Attendees
John Gardner Yes Sara Gardner
John Anthony Gardner
Sue Comish Yes Don Comish
Daniel Owen Yes
Sara Gardner Yes John Gardner
John Anthony Gardner Yes John Gardner
Gary Durno Yes
Jim Matthews Yes
Ian Mackay Yes
Mike Innes Yes
Jane Yeretsian Yes Norair Yeretsian
Norair Yeretsian Yes Jane Yeretsian
Ted White Yes Francoise White
Francoise White Yes Ted White
Aubrey Baillie Yes Marsha Baillie
Marsha Baillie Yes Aubrey Baillie
Gary Getson Yes Jan Getson
Jan Getson Yes Gary Getson
Janet Major Yes Jean-Luc Major
Jean-Luc Major Yes Janet Major
Don Comish Yes Sue Comish
Sally Medland Yes Bob Medland
Bob Medland Yes Sally Medland
Lorna McKay Yes Stuart McKay
Stuart McKay Yes Lorna McKay
Bob Blair Yes
Ingrid Bahen Yes Ken Bahen
Ken Bahen Yes Ingrid Bahen
Kathryn O’Connor Yes Paul Potvin
Paul Potvin Yes Kathryn O’Connor
Jim Cairncross Yes Roxy Cairncross
Roxy Cairncross Yes Jim Cairncross
Charlotte Carter Yes Brian Carter
Brian Carter Yes Charlotte Carter
Liz Pelletier Yes Dave Pelletier
Dave Pelletier Yes Liz Pelletier
Rob Woodrooffe Yes Fran Woodrooffe
Fran Woodrooffe Yes Rob Woodrooffe
Ron Foreman Yes Bev Moir
Bev Moir Yes Ron Foreman
Heidi Leverty Yes Tom Leverty
Tom Leverty Yes Heidi Leverty
Joyce Westlake Yes Brian Westlake
Brian Westlake Yes Joyce Westlake
Bill Barnett Yes Karen Barnett
Karen Barnett Yes Bill Barnett
Ken Powell Yes Penny Rush
Penny Rush Yes Ken Powell
Tim Macdonald Yes Bonnie Macdonald
Bonnie Macdonald Yes Tim Macdonald
Gil Lamothe Yes Cathy Lamothe
Cathy Lamothe Yes Gil Lamothe
Peter Simmie Yes Trish Simmie
Trish Simmie Yes Peter Simmie
Gordon Henderson Yes Pam Henderson
Pam Henderson Yes Gordon Henderson
William Hewitt Yes Joan Hewitt
Joan Hewitt Yes William Hewitt
Charles MacRae Yes Beth MacRae
Beth MacRae Yes Charles MacRae
Barbara Kinnear Yes William Kinnear
William Kinnear Yes Barbara Kinnear
Cornelia (Nelly) Jeffries Yes Dale Jeffries
Dale Jeffries Yes Cornelia (Nelly) Jeffries
Catherine Retter Yes Burt Retter
Burt Retter Yes Catherine Retter
Nancy Baines Yes Peter Baines
Peter Baines Yes Nancy Baines
Robert Milnes Yes
Tom Sanderson Yes Lesley Sanderson
Wendy Brown Yes Ian Brown
Ian Brown Yes Wendy Brown
Lesley Sanderson Yes Tom Sanderson
John Wildman Yes