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March 30, 2021 – Who’s Attending


Dr. Michael Verbora
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Yes: 40

No: 10

NameRSVP Status
Robert Adams Yes
Peter Baines Yes
Robin Barstow Yes
Bob Blair Yes
Ian Brown Yes
Michael Butler Yes
Jim Cairncross Yes
David Cameron Yes
Brian Carter Yes
Roger Clarkson Yes
Don Comish Yes
George Denier Yes
Chris Dobson Yes
Tom Fischer Yes
Ronald Foreman Yes
John Fraser Yes
William Hewitt Yes
Robert Hyland Yes
William Kinnear Yes
Clifford Lax Yes
Tom Leverty Yes
Phil MacDonnell Yes
Charles MacRAE Yes
Bill McNaughton Yes
Douglas McWhirter Yes
Doug Mills Yes
Robert Milnes Yes
German Morales Yes
Bob Morrison Yes
John Paterson, Sr. Yes
Chris Portner Yes
Paul Potvin Yes
Ken Powell Yes
Burt Retter Yes
Tom Sanderson Yes
Peter Seybold Yes
Albert Steenburgh Yes
Michael Verbora Yes
Lee Watchorn Yes
Rob Woodrooffe Yes
Bill Boughner No
Peter Brieger No
Gary Durno No
Warren Finlay No
Norman Hardie No
Robert Hutcheson No
Trevor Jones No
Don Morrison No
David Murray No
Keith Sjogren No
Jon Allen No Response
Ken Bahen No Response
Aubrey Baillie No Response
Bill Barnett No Response
Mark Benadiba No Response
Vipin Bery No Response
Henry Borden No Response
Hank Bulmash No Response
Michael Charles No Response
Alan Chesworth No Response
Bob Clapp No Response
Andrew Clark No Response
Graeme Clark No Response
Bev Collombin No Response
Ross Cullingworth No Response
Gordon Currie No Response
Douglas Davis No Response
Phil Dawson No Response
Rod de Courcy Ireland No Response
John Deeks No Response
Ian Dejardin No Response
Robert Deluce No Response
Ian Farquharson No Response
Paul Fisher No Response
Jock Fleming No Response
Bill Fleury No Response
John Gardner No Response
Gary German No Response
Gary Getson No Response
David Glue No Response
Peter Goring No Response
Michael Grey No Response
Speaker's Guest No Response
John Hackett No Response
Eugene Harrigan No Response
Naeem Hasan No Response
Peter Hatcher No Response
George Hayhurst No Response
Harold Hetherington No Response
Jim Hilborn No Response
Tom Jamieson No Response
Don Johnson No Response
Gord Kaiser No Response
Charles Kennedy No Response
Robin Labatt No Response
Bill Langlois No Response
John Lee No Response
David Lewis No Response
Andrew Loblaw No Response
Bart MacDougall No Response
Mike Mackey No Response
Jean-Luc Major No Response
Walter McCormick No Response
Stuart McKay No Response
John McKenna No Response
Hugh McLelland No Response
Anthony Miller No Response
Mike Miller No Response
Steven Moorhead No Response
Matey Nekov de la Camp No Response
Derek Newton No Response
Lawton Osler No Response
Darcy Rector No Response
Christopher Ricketts No Response
John Ricketts No Response
Michael Robinson No Response
Peter Russell No Response
Ashok Sajnani No Response
Edward Seagram No Response
Brian Sheedy No Response
Peter Simmie No Response
Peter Sisam No Response
Ian Smart No Response
Ted Southey No Response
Dan Sullivan No Response
Gordon Tamblyn No Response
David G. G. Temple No Response
David G. Temple No Response
Bob Topp No Response
Paul Torrie No Response
Lake Trevelyan No Response
Christopher Turney No Response
Chris Twigge-Molecey No Response
Rudi Vezer No Response
Rick Walker No Response
David Warren No Response
Paul Warrington No Response
Garnet Watchorn No Response
Jack Way No Response
Brian Westlake No Response
Richard White No Response
Ted White No Response
John Wildman No Response
Michael Willson No Response
Norair Yeretsian No Response

Thank you for RSVPing for Whiff@Home

Dr. Michael Verbora
Click to read Dr. Verbora’s bio and to RSVP

Thank you for RSVPing that you will be attending
the next Toronto Whiff@Home meeting
which starts at 5 PM on Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

[Please plan on joining 15 minutes early to resolve any technical issues so that we may start promptly at 5 PM.]

The details for joining the Zoom meeting will be emailed to you the day before the meeting. 

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2020.07.04 Post June Bash Junta Announcement

July 4, 2020

The Whiff’s Junta would like to provide you with a brief update of the virtual June Bash held on June 23, using the Zoom platform. Our June Bash experiment was extremely successful! Members who participated gave high marks to the event and the Zoom method of communication. The evening was highlighted by having several breakout sessions. This provided a unique opportunity for a number of participants to communicate freely their ideas one with the other in a relaxed atmosphere, with all observations and ideas then shared with everyone participating in the evening. I might add, the “open bar” concept was popular and contributed to the relaxed evening. 

The Junta has lined up an exciting list of speakers for our Fall meetings. There is a significant possibility that these meetings will need to be held on a virtual basis. Therefore, prior to the commencement of our Fall campaign, the Whiff technologists will be offering the opportunity to Whiffers to update their technology skills in order to utilize the Zoom platform. 
We will be communicating with you at the end of August. In the meantime, your Junta wishes you a safe and healthy Summer. We look forward to seeing all of you, either physically or virtually, in the Fall. 
John Paterson 
Chair of the Toronto Chapter of The Whiff of Grape on behalf of your Junta: 
Peter Baines, Ian Brown, Mac Borden, Jim Cairncross, Ron Foreman, Charles MacRae, Stuart McKay and Brian Westlake. 

The Toronto Whiff of Grape

Thank you for RSVPing for the June Bash

Thank you for RSVPing that you will be attending the virtual June Bash.

The RSVP confirmation email you have been sent includes links for setting up and testing the meeting software we’ll be using – Zoom – if you haven’t already used it.   

The agenda and details on how to join the social gathering at 5pm on June 23 will be sent later in the Reminder email on June 21st.

See you, and your guest if they wish to join in, on the 23rd.

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Thank you for RSVPing

Thank you for RSVPing that you will be attending the upcoming Toronto Whiff Dinner.

Dinner Fees Reminder:
If you are an Associate Member and/or you have invited guests, please make an immediate Interac e-Transfer to  for the dinner amount owing – $85/person. A PDF “cheat sheet” on how to make Interac e-Transfers to the Whiff may be downloaded from here.

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Tony Davis, Associate Emeritus Professor, U of T, Geography and Planning, “Putting the Brakes on Global Warming”, January 28, 2020

Our climate is determined by the interactions between internal mechanisms (plate tectonics) and the receipt and processing of solar radiation. For most of geologic time that has conditioned a world much warmer than the current one with a larger greenhouse effect. Contemporary global warming reflects our inadvertent interference with the natural balance, mostly through the burning of fossil fuels. So far mean global temperature has increased by only 1.5°C over the last 70 years, but climate models predict that the world will warm by as much as 4°C by 2100.
                    What impact will that have? 
                     Can we stop it happening?
                   Can we redress the situation?

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Oct 28, 2014: Speaker, Author, Adventurer – James Raffan

1297311501783_ORIGINALOctober 28, 2014
James Raffan, BSc, BEd, MEd, PhD Queen’s University Director, The Canadian Canoe Museum

James is a prolific writer, speaker, and adventurer who is currently the Director of Development at The Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario.

For 19 years a Professor of Outdoor & Experiential Education at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, over the years he has produced 16 books and written for media outlets including Canadian Geographic, National Geographic, Explore, The Globe and Mail, as well as for CBC Radio and The Discovery Channel.
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