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Who’s coming and who’s not?

So far, here’s the list for January 28th:
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Yes: 58

No: 27

NameRSVP StatusAssociated Attendees
Robert Adams Yes
Peter Baines Yes
Bill Barnett Yes
Henry Borden Yes
Ian Brown Yes
Hank Bulmash Yes Julie Bulmash
Julie Bulmash Yes Hank Bulmash
Michael Butler No
Jim Cairncross Yes
David Cameron No
Brian Carter Yes
Michael Charles Yes Barbara Charles
Barbara Charles Yes Michael Charles
Andrew Clark Yes
Roger Clarkson Yes
Bev Collombin Yes Ann Collombin
Ann Collombin Yes Bev Collombin
Tony Davis Yes
Gary Durno No
Ian Farquharson No
Warren Finlay Yes
Tom Fischer Yes
Bill Fleury No
Michele Fordyce Yes Ted White
J E Fordyce Yes Ted White
Ronald Foreman Yes
Gary Getson No
David Glue No
Peter Goring No
John Hackett Yes John Little
Norman Hardie Yes Hugh Snyder
Harold Hetherington Yes
William Hewitt No
Robert Hutcheson No
Robert Hyland Yes Cathie Hyland
Cathie Hyland Yes Robert Hyland
Don Johnson No
Trevor Jones Yes
William Kinnear Yes Barbara Kinnear
Barbara Kinnear Yes William Kinnear
Robin Labatt Yes
Clifford Lax No
David Lemmon Yes Charles MacRae
Tom Leverty Yes
John Little Yes John Hackett
Bart MacDougall No
Charles MacRae Yes David Lemmon
Doug McWhirter
Stuart McKay Yes
Bill McNaughton Yes Brian Westlake
Doug McWhirter Yes Charles MacRae
Robert Milnes Yes
Steven Moorhead Yes Evelyn Moorhead
Evelyn Moorhead Yes Steven Moorhead
German Morales Yes
Bob Morrison No
Don Morrison No
David Murray Yes Brian Westlake
Janet Paterson Yes John Paterson, Sr.
John Paterson, Sr. Yes Janet Paterson
Chris Portner No
Paul Potvin No
Ken Powell Yes
Burt Retter Yes
John Ricketts Yes
George Roelofson No
Edward Seagram No
Brian Sheedy No
Peter Simmie Yes
Hugh Snyder Yes Norman Hardie
Dan Sullivan No
Gordon Tamblyn Yes
David G. G. Temple No
David G. Temple No
Chris Twigge-Molecey No
Rudi Vezer No
David Warren Yes
Garnet Watchorn Yes
Lee Watchorn No
Jack Way Yes
Brian Westlake Yes David Murray
Bill McNaughton
Ted White Yes Françoise White
Michele Fordyce
J E Fordyce
Françoise White Yes Ted White
Michael Willson No
Rob Woodrooffe Yes
Norair Yeretsian Yes

Thank you for RSVPing

Thank you for RSVPing that you will be attending
the January 28th Whiff Dinner featuring

Dinner Fees Reminder:

If you are an Associate Member and/or you have invited some guests, please make an immediate Interac e-Transfer to  for the dinner amount owing – $85/person. A PDF “cheat sheet” on how to make Interac e-Transfers to the Whiff may be downloaded from here.

Tony Davis, Associate Emeritus Professor, U of T, Geography and Planning, “Putting the Brakes on Global Warming”, January 28, 2020

Our climate is determined by the interactions between internal mechanisms (plate tectonics) and the receipt and processing of solar radiation. For most of geologic time that has conditioned a world much warmer than the current one with a larger greenhouse effect. Contemporary global warming reflects our inadvertent interference with the natural balance, mostly through the burning of fossil fuels. So far mean global temperature has increased by only 1.5°C over the last 70 years, but climate models predict that the world will warm by as much as 4°C by 2100.
                    What impact will that have? 
                     Can we stop it happening?
                   Can we redress the situation?

Join fellow Whiffers, their family and guests for

To hear Tony Davis

who an Associate Emeritus Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Toronto. He labels himself as an environmental historian. His research focused on the reconstruction of past environments using pollen analysis. Much of this work supported archeological investigations. His passion is teaching. Since his retirement he has become very active with lifelong learning groups in Mississauga, Etobicoke and with the group at Innis College. Recently he has presented a series of lectures on climate change to Third Age Learning groups in Burlington and Guelph.



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Oct 28, 2014: Speaker, Author, Adventurer – James Raffan

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