Logistical Information about the RCYC City Clubhouse

Helpful Information about the RCYC City Location

(1) Best Entrance: St George Street. Cloak room to right, Registration desk just inside in the entrance hall. Bar in the Model Room, also on your right.

(2) Parking: The RCYC club parking lots to the east of the Club and in the Club basement are for members only.

(3) The public lots are the following:
(A) Green P Parking on east side of Bedford Road just above Bloor Street, Maximum Charge: $7.00 after 6:00pm
(B) OISIE Buiilding just to east of Club, Outside Lot on Prince Arthur, Maximum Charge After 4:00 pm: $7;00
(C) Holiday Inn on St George behind the former Medical Arts Building, Maximum Charge After 6:00 pm $8.00

(4) Taking the Subway? St George Station exit using St George Street. For those using Senior’s tickets when going home you can only use at the Bedford Road Entrance
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