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Nov 29, 2022 – RSVPIng order

Yes: 38

No: 24

NameRSVP Status
Derek Newton Yes
James Lockyer Yes
Norair Yeretsian Whiff@Home
Benjamin Dempsey Yes
Bill Barnett Yes
Jim Cairncross Yes
Richard White No
John Hackett Yes
Ken Powell Whiff@Home
Gary German No
Mike Innes Whiff@Home
William Kinnear Whiff@Home
Graeme Clark Whiff@Home
Robert Hyland Whiff@Home
David Warren Whiff@Home
John Paterson, Sr. Yes
Douglas Davis Whiff@Home
Michael Charles Whiff@Home
Christopher Ricketts No
Bill McNaughton Whiff@Home
Tim Kennish Yes
Warren Finlay Yes
Peter Simmie Yes
Tom Leverty Whiff@Home
David G. Temple No
Robert Hutcheson No
David Glue No
Steven Moorhead Whiff@Home
Michael Butler Yes
John Wildman Yes
Garnet Watchorn No
Don Johnson No
Bob Blair Yes
Sarwar Kashmeri No
Amy Barron Yes
Mike Breen Whiff@Home
John Fraser No
Janet Major Yes
Ted Barris Yes
Gordon Tamblyn Yes
Chris Twigge-Molecey Yes
Paul Potvin Whiff@Home
Roger Clarkson Yes
Ronald Foreman Whiff@Home
Mike Mackey No
George Hayhurst Whiff@Home
Dave Pelletier Yes
Gary Durno No
Ken Bahen Whiff@Home
Albert Steenburgh Whiff@Home
Chris Portner Whiff@Home
Stuart McKay Yes
David Murray Yes
Trevor Jones No
Lee Watchorn No
Ted White Yes
Bill Boughner No
Robin Barstow Yes
Bob Morrison Whiff@Home
George Denier No
Jean-Luc Major Yes
William Hewitt Yes
Tom Fischer Yes
David Cameron Whiff@Home
David Ross Whiff@Home
Robert Adams Whiff@Home
Germán Morales Whiff@Home
Peter Baines Yes
Rod de Courcy Ireland Whiff@Home
Dan Sullivan No
John Gardner No
Henry Borden Yes
Robert Milnes Yes
Doug Mills No
Peter Douglas No
Don Comish Whiff@Home
Tom Sanderson Yes
Charles MacRae Yes
Rob Woodrooffe Yes
Brian Westlake Yes
Eugene Harrigan Whiff@Home
Burt Retter Whiff@Home
Peter Seybold No
Christopher Turney No
Douglas McWhirter Yes
Brian Carter Yes
Peter Goring Yes
Clifford Lax No
Ian Brown Yes
Paul Warrington No
Andrew Kirsch No Response
Andrew Clark No Response
Anthony Miller No Response
Ashok Sajnani No Response
Aubrey Baillie No Response
Bart MacDougall No Response
Bev Collombin No Response
Bill Fleury No Response
Bill Langlois No Response
Blake Goldring No Response
Bob Clapp No Response
Brian Sheedy No Response
Charles Kennedy No Response
Chris Dobson No Response
Dale Jeffries No Response
Darcy Rector No Response
David Lewis No Response
Don Lindsay No Response
Don Morrison No Response
Edward Seagram No Response
Gary Getson No Response
Gord Kaiser No Response
Gordon Currie No Response
Hank Bulmash No Response
Harry Knight No Response
Hugh McLelland No Response
Ian Farquharson No Response
Ian Smart No Response
Jack Way No Response
Jim Hilborn No Response
Jock Fleming No Response
John Lee No Response
John McKenna No Response
Jon Allen No Response
Keith Sjogren No Response
Kevin James No Response
Lake Trevelyan No Response
Lawton Osler No Response
Matey Nekov de la Camp No Response
Michael Willson No Response
Michael Morgan No Response
Michael Robinson No Response
Mike Miller No Response
Naeem Hasan No Response
Norman Hardie No Response
Paul Fisher No Response
Paul Torrie No Response
Peter Brieger No Response
Peter Russell No Response
Peter Sisam No Response
Phil Dawson No Response
Phil MacDonnell No Response
Robert Deluce No Response
Robin Labatt No Response
Ross Cullingworth No Response
Rudi Vezer No Response
Speaker's Guest No Response
Ted Southey No Response
Tom Jamieson No Response
Vipin Bery No Response
Walter McCormick No Response
z-No Response z-RSVP Management No Response

Thank you for RSVPing for the Whiff@RCMI dinner

Thank you for RSVPing that you
will be attending in-person
at the next Toronto Whiff@RCMI meeting
which starts at 6:00 PM, Tuesday, Nov 29th, 2022

To complete your RSVP:
You must now make a $95 Interac Payment
before Wednesday Nov 23rd.

[A PDF “cheat sheet” on how to make Interac e-Transfers
to the Whiff may be downloaded from here.]

Once payment has been received,
you will be sent a final confirmation
along with details regarding the RCMI and meeting protocols.

Need to change any of your RSVP response?

Michael Bryant, Executive Director and General Counsel, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, October 26, 2021

Growing up on Vancouver Island, the cataclysmic wrongs perpetrated on Indigenous people in my homeland of British Columbia left me determined to work in the field of indigenous rights. Plus my grandfather was a union leader, and local politician, as was my father. From them I learned about how democracy can empower people to either do good works, or abuse their power. From my mom, a teacher, I saw how education forms the ability to think critically — about everything. I’d take those lessons into my own political career, after which I continued fighting for indigenous rights, and began a career as a criminal defence lawyer, often as a public defender, assisting the indigent, Indigenous, and mentally ill.
Continue reading Michael Bryant, Executive Director and General Counsel, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, October 26, 2021

Logistical Information about the RCYC City Clubhouse

Helpful Information about the RCYC City Clubhouse, 141 St George St, Toronto, M5R 2L8 (Map)

(1) Best Entrance: St George Street. Cloak room to right, Registration desk just inside in the entrance hall. Bar in the Model Room, also on your right.
(2) Club Parking: The RCYC club parking lots to the east of the Club and in the Club basement are for members only. Continue reading Logistical Information about the RCYC City Clubhouse

Regarding the tragic fire at the B&R February 14, 2017

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” Winston Churchill

Dear Fellow Whiffers,

As you undoubtedly know, on Valentine’s Day, much of the Badminton and Racquet Club was destroyed by a massive fire, in which thankfully there were no serious injuries. The club facilities will be unavailable for what will probably be an extended period. Our sincere sympathies to the injured firefighter, the B&R Members and Staff.
Continue reading Regarding the tragic fire at the B&R February 14, 2017