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Feb 27, 2024: Meeting Attendees & Notes

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Yes: 68

No: 35

NameRSVP StatusAssociated AttendeesNote
Robert Adams Yes
Jon Allen Yes No red meat. Fish preferred
Peter Baines Yes
Bill Barnett Yes Karen Barnett
Robin Barstow Yes
Ron Begg Yes
Bill Boughner Yes
Ian Brown Yes
Michael Butler Yes
Jim Cairncross Yes
Brian Carter Yes Paul Emond
Michael Charles Yes Barbara Charles
Mike Charles
Roger Clarkson Yes
Bev Collombin Yes Ann Collombin
Don Comish Yes
Douglas Davis Yes
Gary Durno Yes
Ron Foreman Yes Bev Moir
John Gardner Yes
Peter Goring Yes
Brian William Gray Yes Rosemary Gray
John Hackett Yes Liz (Elizabeth) Hackett
Michael Hasley Yes
Gordon Henderson Yes
Robert Hyland Yes Cathie Hyland
Mike Innes Yes
Dale Jeffries Yes Cornelia (Nelly) Jeffries
Tim Kennish Yes
Willem (Wim) Kwant Yes Patricia Hope
Gil Lamothe Yes Catherine Lamothe
Bart MacDougall Yes
Charles MacRae Yes
Jean-Luc Major Yes Janet Major
Stuart McKay Yes
John McKernan Yes
Douglas McWhirter Yes
Robert Milnes Yes
Steven Moorhead Yes Evelyn Moorhead
Daniel Owen Yes
John Paterson, Sr. Yes Janet Paterson
Ken Powell Yes Brendan Powell
Peter Simmie Yes
Christopher Turney Yes
Lee Watchorn Yes
Brian Westlake Yes Joyce Westlake
Ted White Yes Françoise White
Kathleen McClure
McClure gluten free
John Wildman Yes
Rob Woodrooffe Yes
Janet Paterson Yes John Paterson, Sr.
Cornelia (Nelly) Jeffries Yes Dale Jeffries
Bev Moir Yes Ron Foreman
Joyce Westlake Yes Brian Westlake
Cathie Hyland Yes Robert Hyland
Catherine Lamothe Yes Gil Lamothe
Ann Collombin Yes Bev Collombin
Evelyn Moorhead Yes Steven Moorhead
Barbara Charles Yes Michael Charles
Mike Charles Yes Michael Charles
Brendan Powell Yes Ken Powell
Patricia Hope Yes Willem (Wim) Kwant
Françoise White Yes Ted White
Kathleen McClure Yes Ted White
Janet Major Yes Jean-Luc Major
Liz (Elizabeth) Hackett Yes John Hackett
Karen Barnett Yes Bill Barnett
Rosemary Gray Yes Brian William Gray
Paul Emond Yes Brian Carter

Dinner Reservation and Cancellation Policy

As of January 2023, the Whiff of Grape Club is compelled, by our new contract with our host clubs, to implement the following revised Dinner Reservation and Cancellation Policy:

The Whiff must commit to a firm number of dinners by five business days ahead of each dinner meeting, aka, the Cut-off Date. That number is then the minimum for which the Whiff will be invoiced. After that date there’s also very little flexibility available for an upward revision.

To be confident of a dinner reservation, you must reply “Yes” to the e-invitation – and make full payment – before noon on the Cut-off date, e.g., Wednesday, the week before a regular Tuesday meeting. If payment isn’t received by that time, your reservation cannot be guaranteed.

Post Cut-off date dinner reservation requests or payments:
The Whiff has no choice but to treat  your reservation as tentative . All tentative reservations will be considered, but unhappily there will be times the Whiff simply won’t be able to accommodate some latecomers. Please only attend the dinner after receiving a Confirmed Reservation email from

Late Cancellations
Once the Cut-off deadline has passed, should there be a need to cancel an already paid reservation, please notify the Whiff by email to so that food will not be wasted. Since the Whiff has had to guarantee payment to the host club for the committed dinner count, refunds to confirmed members and guests will not be issued in the case of cancellation or non-attendance.

Michael Bryant, Executive Director and General Counsel, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, October 26, 2021

Growing up on Vancouver Island, the cataclysmic wrongs perpetrated on Indigenous people in my homeland of British Columbia left me determined to work in the field of indigenous rights. Plus my grandfather was a union leader, and local politician, as was my father. From them I learned about how democracy can empower people to either do good works, or abuse their power. From my mom, a teacher, I saw how education forms the ability to think critically — about everything. I’d take those lessons into my own political career, after which I continued fighting for indigenous rights, and began a career as a criminal defence lawyer, often as a public defender, assisting the indigent, Indigenous, and mentally ill.
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Logistical Information about the RCYC City Clubhouse

Helpful Information about the RCYC City Clubhouse, 141 St George St, Toronto, M5R 2L8 (Map)

(1) Best Entrance: St George Street. Cloak room to right, Registration desk just inside in the entrance hall. Bar in the Model Room, also on your right.
(2) Club Parking: The RCYC club parking lots to the east of the Club and in the Club basement are for members only. Continue reading Logistical Information about the RCYC City Clubhouse

Regarding the tragic fire at the B&R February 14, 2017

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” Winston Churchill

Dear Fellow Whiffers,

As you undoubtedly know, on Valentine’s Day, much of the Badminton and Racquet Club was destroyed by a massive fire, in which thankfully there were no serious injuries. The club facilities will be unavailable for what will probably be an extended period. Our sincere sympathies to the injured firefighter, the B&R Members and Staff.
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