Sep 30, 2014: Foreign Corruption – Ignorance is No Longer Bliss – Sandy Boucher

20140930 Boucher-2September 30, 2014
Sandy Boucher, Senior Manager, Forensic and Dispute Resolution Services, Grant Thornton LLP, BSc University of Sheffield, CFE

Senior Manager, Forensic and Dispute Resolution Services, Grant Thornton LLP, BSc University of Sheffield, CFE

Sandy Boucher and his investigative research team execute and manage large and complex fraud investigations, international due diligence enquiries, international asset tracing and recovery cases, litigation support, fraud and anti-bribery corruption investigations. Solving such cases can be likened to a complex jigsaw puzzle and requires reliable sources to help piece information together.

Sandy works on detecting and preventing fraud and corruption and divides his time between investigating such cases and advising organizations on how to prevent them from occurring. Fluent in English and colloquial Cantonese, he has led and conducted a wide range of investigations including a number of high level corruption probes and has testified around the globe in both civil and criminal courts.

Starting his career with the Royal Hong Kong Police, where he worked for 12 ½ years attaining the rank of Superintendent, Sandy specialized in Asian organized crime, narcotics and money laundering investigations. During his time with the force, Sandy received both Commissioners and Commanding Officer’s commendations for his work, as well as commendations from eight overseas police forces. Sandy came to Canada and the private sector in 1995. He has been with Grant Thornton since 2009 and heads its national investigative research, and anti-corruption practices. Sandy has worked in a wide range of industries and sectors including investigations in the financial services sector. He has led many major international investigations including the case of Salim Damji who was convicted in a fraud estimated at $100 million in stolen funds from across North America, the Caribbean and Europe, in which $6 million was retrieved in Canada and over US$20 million frozen in a Swiss bank.

Sandy was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in June 2002 for community work in the area of landmine action. From July 2011 to July 2012, he served as president of the Rotary Club of Toronto. Since 2012, he has been a member of Transparency International Canada which promotes anti-corruption practices and transparency in Canada’s governments, businesses and society at large.

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